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Fridge thermometer kit

Fridge thermometer kit

Ref: BO5Kit

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Your fridge has a temperature thermostat , but how do you know the correct temperature of 3- 5 deg. C is being maintained ?

This kit contains Three fridge thermometer strips (B05strip) These liquid crystal strips can be stuck on to the side of the fridge / Cooler at three different heights so you can check the temperature gradient for your fridge / Drinks cooler..

If you are selling food the fitting of these strips to your fridge/Cooler will show the food inspector you are taking reasonable efforts to maintain food safety.

The Liquid Crystal Thermometer Strips are 12mm x 84mm temperature sensitive self adhesive plastic strip with easy peel release paper and 5mm high easy to read numbers.

Each Thermometer Strip has the following temperature pockets
The pockets change colour with the change in temperature
When the Actual temperature is 1°C below the pocket temp the digits are blue.
When the Actual temperature is equal to the pocket temperature the digits are green
When the Actual temperature is 1°C above the pocket temp the digits are brown.

Therefore these strips read from 0 - 12°C

Kit contains 3 strips and Leaflet on fridge temperature safety. This leaflet can also be downloaded as a PDF here www.envoyes.net/pdf/fridge_strip_instructions.pdf

Price: 2.35

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